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My services as a designer is to come up with the best and innovative design ideas for client/ company. Making a good first impression is everything—and your online presence can be the first thing a potential visitor/ customer sees. I manage new design from very scratch level (Wireframe), also make enhancements to an existing website and ensure a professional and best Design Output.

  • Web & Graphics

    Web Design / Graphic Design / Landing Page / Wireframe and Mockups

    Skeleton, skin and beauty… Yes this is what i do, not as a doctor but as a designer… Wireframe (skeleton) of your design… Mocking (Skin) of multiple ideas and color splash into your design and FINALLY the beautification of your web/product design. A design process is more or less equivalent to a human structure. Think of 2 ladies beside you, Lady Gaga and angelina jolie… The choice is yours

  • UI/UX & Infographic

    User Interface Design / User Experience / Apple, Android and Windows Apps Design / Product interface design

    User Interface and User Experience has been a vital design role for an application or product. I throw my ideas on designing apps, interface keeping standard user guidelines in mind. Think of an ugly product in App Store, and a uses friendly + sexy looking application of yours. My role is to give user a flexible dimensions for their future. Check out my Case Studies below…

  • HTML/CSS & others

    HTML / CSS / Branding / Posters / Flyers / Social Marketing

    HTML3 > 4 > 5 > 6… Ever thought of such a dynamic evolution of websites? I have started my career using <table> carried with <div> and to <webkit>. Either browsing websites from your smart phones, tablet, or from your favorite PC. HTML with respect to design is one of the fundamental reason a business or a person wants. I am not a techy chicken, but can do some HTML and CSS stuff...


My work

I have worked on many of the Web, UI and UX designs, which is not possible to showcase in my personal website. Though, i am including some of my designs, which are free to look at and you might also like them... :)

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Below points will guide you through out my work and experience process.

2005 - 2008

Intrasoft Technologies (123greetings.com)

My career at 123greetings.com was often good. 123G was knows for its e-cards (the world's largest e-card database), i started my career level from very scratch level and learnt more about the fastest and the growing Internet world. I have created several affiliate websites, Advertisement, branding, widgets, e-cards, SEO, Web marketing, social promotions and many more… Thank to 123Greetings for giving me a platform to learn and work for such a beautiful and competitive industry.

2008 - 2008

Tanla Solutions

Tanla Solution, better knows as Tanla Mobiles is one of the giant in Telecom and Wireless technology in the world. Their major client base are the o2, T-Mobile, Airtel etc.. I have been associated with tanla for about 11 months, but the journey to this new techy platform was awesome. The have learnt and implemented various kind of Mobile interface and R&D technology based designs. I have created several software interfaces, WAP sites, Java based Mobile application and interfaces. In one word, it was a very great experience. I would also like to thank Tanla for giving me the opportunity to work with them.

2008 - till date

IVY Comptech (Bwin.Party)

I stepped in to IVY Comptech better knows as Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment is the world's fastest and the largest gaming industry. The popular brand like "Bwin" "Party Poker" "Party Casino" "Party Bets" etc… I am pretty lucky enough to be a part of such a giant Brand, where Cristiano Ronaldo is the brand ambassador. I have learnt and expertise myself in the UI and UX world. I have designed several games interfaces on various platforms like IOS based, HTML based, Windows based, Smart Phones and have pursued experiences in Info Graphics, Typo Graphics, User Interface and Experience. It has been for than 5 years, and thus I would also like to thank Bwin.Party for giving me a platform to work for such giant industry.

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